Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sneg Edyot

We had our first real snowfall in two years this past weekend.  And as I write those words I am rolling my eyes a bit, since it snowed only four inches or so.  But as a big fan of snow, those four inches are better than nothing!  And along with the modest inchage, it did seem like a real snowstorm, complete with white on all the tree branches and delicious snowstorm hush.  

Since last year we only had a dusting, this was Dorothy’s first real experience in the snow—and she loved it!  She wanted to be out in her yard even more than normal, and once there she raced around in the snow and sprang and pranced.  Her father threw snowballs for her and she tried to catch them, getting all confused when they disappeared into the ground.  And then later when Sean took her for a walk, she refused to walk on the shoveled bits and spent the whole time with feet on snow.  Or in the air above the snow.

That’s my girl!

I took Owen out into the snow at one point too.  Once he is in his parka, he doesn’t quite fit into the baby bjorn, so I had to lug him around like a slippery sack of potatoes.  But he was very interested in the whole kit and caboodle, and spent the entire time outside looking around at his surroundings in awe:

Here we are standing under the tree in our front yard!  

Now I am ready for a snowfall of multiple feet!  Twenty-four inches should do it, as long as we keep our electricity....

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