Saturday, January 19, 2013

Alphabet Meme

Anger:  What I get when people on a crowded train try to leave their bags on a seat while other people are standing.  I’ve gotten so that I now only go to sit on seats with bags on them, thus forcing the bags’ owners to put them on their laps or at their feet, LIKE CONSIDERATE PEOPLE AUTOMATICALLY DO, ahem.

Breasts:  I have never thought about, seen, or handled my own breasts as much as I have in the last five plus months of breastfeeding Owen.  Nursing has been a positive experience on the whole (albeit fraught with malady), but I will be glad when my breasts are no longer so center stage.

Candy:  I am ready to divorce it.  I’m talking to you, chocolate!  From now on, let’s just be friends who see each other on occasion.

Dorothy:  I frequently worry about Dorothy’s health (recurring UTI’s and allergy hotspots).  It makes me realize how lucky I was with my pug, Tulip, who until her last two years, basically only required a yearly check-up.

Empathy:  To me the ability to experience empathy is a person’s most important trait.  Which brings me to someone who has no empathy—Romney—and thus another “E” Election:  I still get a bit giddy when thinking of the outcome of the presidential election.  Were we not lucky?  Did we not just dodge a lethal bullet?!  I say yes.

Feathered Friends:  I’d love to put up a birdfeeder or two in my yard, but the neighbors have a killer Siamese who hunts on our property.  I do not want to create a buffet for this cat.  I did hang up two egg-shaped birdseed covered treats on high branches during our snowstorm a few Saturdays ago, but the birds have either not found them yet or don’t like them.  Am I wrong to feel insulted by this?

Gingivitis:  Whenever I start trying to figure out why Owen might be fussing, Sean makes fun of me by proposing maladies he clearly does not have (gingivitis, tetanus, etc.).  I always start worrying about the new disease before figuring out that he is teasing.

Hat:  Owen is now a little more inclined to let a hat stay on his head when we put one there, which is nice because he looks so cute in hats!  Like Humpty Dumpty in his wee bowler.

Ice:  I drove the car in snow and ice on Sunday (okay! To get donuts! A totally gratuitous trip!) and used my foul weather driving skills honed by living in NH for nine years.  I’m rather a slow driver with no hubris, but I can definitely navigate a patch of black ice.

Jam:  Apricot.  To me there is no other kind.

Kenmore:  In our new house we have a Kenmore fridge that is a refrigerator on top and a freezer on the bottom.  The freezer is thus a drawer that you pull out, and it has annoyingly rounded sides so that anytime we try to stack things in an organized fashion, they all end up slipping into a jumbled mess at the bottom that we then have to fish through to find an errant burrito, say, or a box of waffles.  Who designed this machine?  Did the designer never use a freezer?  Did s/he have something against ice cream say, or pre-prepared foods?!

Lick:  Why do I let Dorothy lick my hands and feet even after seeing what else she licks/eats, like a random pile of (hopefully) cat vomit in the basement?

Meltdown:  Owen had another one last night, and when we are in the midst of one, I become convinced that he will never stop crying ever again and that sleep is but a memory.  Why does a baby’s crying cause such immediate desolation?

Neck:  Sean thinks Owen doesn’t have one, so he refers to his “neck” in air quotes.  And it is true that his neck does seem to be, well, shy.  One has to part his multiple chins in order to find it to clean.  It is there though!

Owen:  What else could I choose for “O”?  He’s my fussy little muffin.  One of my favorite Owen moments is when I go to get him from his crib when he wakes up in the middle of the night or after a nap and he looks so happy to see me.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Well, I suppose it would be better if I had to get him less frequently during the night, but all in good time.

Plum and Posy:  Both slight cause for worry these days, as both need dental work, Posy badly, and Posy is also having some breathing issues.  It is hard to breathe through a smushed nose!  Add to that the fact that Plum is mean to Posy and keeps attacking her, and Plum is also having the occasional frequent “going to the bathroom where there is no litterbox” issues, and, well, sometimes Pets Are Hard.

Quote:  “I can only note that the past is beautiful because one never realises an emotion at the time. It expands later, and thus we don't have complete emotions about the present, only about the past.”  ~Virginia Woolf

Reading:  it’s what I dream of having more time to do these days.  I read the New Yorker on the train and a book on the evenings when Owen actually does go to sleep at a reasonable hour.  But my “to read” pile is not noticeably shrinking!  Plus I have two books on a new kindle!  So little time.

Stalk or shadow:  What Dorothy does to Sean.  She has to be near him at all times, unless he is playing vigorously with Owen, in which case she goes up to the spare bedroom to sulk.

Time I wake up in the morning:  5:40 on the weekdays.  Which seems awfully early most days, seeing that I usually was just up two hours before attending to the spawn.  But the sky behind our house has been very colorful lately!  Although each time I stand at the landing and look out at it, I see a branch that I think is a deer.  Do we have deer in our immediate neighborhood?  No, we do not.  Do I still look at this distant branch every morning and think oh! A deer!  Yes, I do.  Just about every morning.  My brain—it is not what it used to be.

Utter nonsense: I'm surprised that anyone believed that Lance Armstrong did NOT take drugs.  Do these people believe Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens too?

Visual:  I am not a very visual person.  Sean is:  he can look at the spread out pieces of an item from Ikea and see immediately how it should all fit together.  Me, I need directions – and directions printed out on paper.  I recently had a wee argument with my new kindle, which of course did not come with any paper directions, just an app on the kindle itself.  I know, I am old.  But I still like to refer to things on paper.  The argument almost ended in fisticuffs, but luckily for me and for my kindle, Sean intervened.

Warming:  Did I mention we had no snow last year and only one snowfall so far this year?  When I moved to Philadelphia, I hadn’t thought I was moving to the south, but what with global warming and all, I think I might have done.  O boots!  O mittens!  O hat!  O snowday!

X:  What my eyes would be if I were a cartoon.  Lack of sleep and all that.

Yummy:  Cake, chocolate, cheese, pesto, fruit.

Z’s:  The holy grail of those with an infant.

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