Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Are Trolls Festive?

I ran out of time to put together blog entries in December.  In fact, I ran out of time for a lot of things, including cookies (O cookies!), and was only able to make one kind this year (peanut butter balls with chocolate hats) and that at the last minute at Martha’s house.  Sean and I take turns with Owen, but he is still young enough and still occasionally fussy enough that my free time comes in snatches and tends to be colonized by laundry, etc.

All of that is to explain why it is January and I am just getting around to writing about Christmas decorations, which we actually were organized enough to put up at the beginning of December.  We had a nice little tree in our living room, and I was able to get out my ornaments for the first time in a very long time.  Here is the tree naked and then clothed:

And here are two very spiffy ornaments in particular, a Red Sox ornament (for what says Merry Christmas more than one’s favorite losing team?  All I need is an Eagles ornament to make the tree depressing).  And a pug ornament!

Sean gave me a few ornaments for Christmas this year too.  What could be more apropos than Dorothy dressed as an angel?  This is definitely how Dorothy sees herself:

And my favorite ornament theme – pigs!:

This was the first time I've had a tree since having cats, and I was afraid that the cats would climb it, or at least try to bat some ornaments.  But nope!  Neither Plum nor Posy were interested in the tree whatsoever:

We put a wreath on our door:

And then I also got out my collection of trolls to put on my mantel.  Most of them I inherited from my Grandmother’s collection, but a few of them were new to me.  Although I think they are quite festive, Owen fussed whenever I showed them to him.  Not a fan of the trolls yet, mayhap?  We’ll work on that.  Anyway, I am including all of the troll pictures below so that my sisters and mother and aunt can see the ones that have been packed away for awhile:

For Christmas news, I’ll be really lazy and just link to Martha’s blog.  www.itstheelliotway.blogspot.com/2012/12/christmas-eve-2012.html  She did a much better job than I have the energy (or photography skills!) to do.

I will leave you with one Christmas morning picture--of nine wild turkeys walking around in the snow!

And then here is Dorothy, eyes locked on to the turkeys, certain that if we would just let her, she could go get our Christmas dinner:

Happy Holidays!

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Martha said...

I had forgotten about that troll holing the pig! I remember when you got that one. Very cute.