Sunday, June 5, 2011

Word on the Street 2

Couple on bench in park.  Male says to female:  "That has to be a mutt."  Male says to me:  "Do you know what breeds she's mixed with?"

Elderly man to elderly woman as they passed us by from behind:  "Oh look, another pug."

Two girls, one says:  "Can you please hide your dog before my boyfriend sees it?  Otherwise it is going to end up in our apartment."

Woman passing by:  Look how she is gazing at you! [pointing to Dorothy].
Me:  She's gazing at the treat in my hand!
Woman:  I thought it was because she was in LUURRRVE.
Me:  [....]

Three boys on the street at 6:00 a.m.:  "That's the prettiest pitbull I've ever seen!  Can I take her picture?!"
Me:  Sure!

Squeeeal!  [Sounds of footsteps running across the street].  Woman arriving breathlessly:  "I was eating dinner across the street but I had to come say hello to your boxer pup!"  [We chat awhile.]  Woman:  "Well, I need to go back to my meal, my husband will be mad at me."  [More sounds of footsteps.  Looks up.]  "Oh wait, here's my husband!  He wants to say hello to the puppy too!"  [Waiter across the street stands by empty table looking worried.]

Man on street to me:  Is that a pretty girl? [pointing at Dorothy]
Me:  Yes!
And then as he walked off I realized he had just asked me if Dorothy was a pitty girl, as in pitbull.  And I had agreed.  Oops.

Dorothy lies down flat on the sidewalk in the blazing sun and refuses to go any further.  I hear much laughter from people in a car waiting for the light to change a few yards over.
Man in car:  Your dog is hilarious.
Me:  [Smiles, not finding it all that funny.]
Man in car:  I feel just like your dog today!  That's what I want to be doing, lying down in the sun!

Woman to me:  Is that a nice one? [pointing to Dorothy]
Me:  Yes!
Woman kneels down and gets kisses from Dorothy.  Asks:  Why was she sitting before and not walking?
Me:  Well, she's stubborn.
Woman:  I guess that's the terrier in her.
Me:  ?


Mister Snacks said...

She is such a beautiful poodle!

Martha said...

What's that flat pancake pose at the end about? cute!

Elizabeth said...

It's the best position from which to do a kamikaze kiss!