Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dorothy is 5 Months Olde Today

On May 31st, actually.  She is getting big, too!  She weighs 24 pounds, and is about the size of a beagle.  I can't get measurements, because Dorothy's decided that the tape measure is Scary, and will run away from it when I open it up.  Bulldogge = Melodramatic, apparently.

Now she is beginning to get tired of the photo session, and is voicing her displeasure.  Go away, paparazzi!  Enough!

Oh so exhausted!


Mister Snacks said...

She is growing up so fast!

Martha said...

She's huge! She's practically falling out of that chair. Does she still look like Pokey the Little Puppy?

Martha said...

Your blog list is no longer alphabetical... and I am just above someone named Not Martha. Which is actually quite funny! Don't click here, this is NOT Martha!