Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sibling Revelry

I don’t have many pictures of my two cats snuggling together, and the reason for this is simple:  Plum is a perv.  If Posy is lying in a certain way, minding her own business and doing nothing wrong, Plum can’t resist stalking up to her and climbing on, biting and twisting the scruff of her neck, while kicking her tuckus with his hind legs.  Now, nothing is actually going on here, if you get my drift.  Much as he’d like you to think otherwise, Plum is no tom cat.  He’s a eunuch, through and through.  It is all a kind of charade, yet one with a whiff of sexual violence to it.  I can't blame Posy for skedaddling off her spot when Plum tries to get cosy.

Being a dog person, when I first saw Plum doing this to Posy, I figured it was a dominance thing.  After all, dogs do this all the time to work out who’s who in the pack.  But when I asked our vet about it, she said she was pretty sure it was sexual.  So now when I see him sauntering over towards a snoozing Posy, I tend to yell out, “Hey Jim Bob, get off your sister!  Our family tree has branches!”  The result is that now Plum will often look over at me first to see if I am watching, and if he sees that I am, he will continue on by, whistling a little tune, acting like it was fully his intention in the first place to just go for a little patrol around the perimeter of the apartment to make sure all is well.

Often Posy will just lie there and take it—she’s 6 pounds to his 14 after all.  But sometimes she will start to raise a ruckus and voice her displeasure, and when I come to break the fight up, I usually find tufts of Plum’s purple fur floating about, and I give Posy a verbal high-five.

So when the weather gets cold and Plum is in the mood for a cuddle, you can understand why Posy generally will leave after a polite two or so minutes and go find a place in which Plum cannot fit.  Here, however, are a few pictures taken when Posy was too comfortable to move just yet:

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