Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Goalie

These pictures might look to you like two companionable animals lying in the slightly disheveled hallway of someone who needs to learn how to put her shoes away in the closet.  And about that last part, you'd be right.  It's the companionable part that is the falsehood.  For the real scenario here is that Dorothy made the strategic error of wandering towards the door for some random sniffing, and Plum seized the chance to block her in and pen her there, by lying down nonchalantly right in front of her across the hallway.

Dorothy, alas, then had no choice but to lie down for a snooze on the hard rug, since she is afraid of what would happen if she tried to squeeze by Plum, or worse!  Step over him.

So they are at an impasse.  The impasse of a bullying big brother with talons, who is not afraid to use them.

Poor Dorothy!

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Anonymous said...

Oooh! Handsome Plum! I know the blog is about Dorothy, but I think that Plum should have more of a starring role. (This is Elisabeth, btw.)