Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wicked Good Bulldogges

Dorothy is a Wicked Good Bulldogge.  That is not just me being enthusiastic and using a New England expression, but she comes from Jessica and Pete Seiders' Wicked Good Bulldogges breeding program in Bristol, Maine.

Here's a picture of her parents, Grimm and Nancy (picture taken by Jess Seiders):

With genes like that, we know she is going to be a true beauty!

Olde English Bulldogges are not English Bulldogs, but rather, English Bulldogs made healthy.  They are a recreation of the Victorian bulldog, and as such, are more agile and athletic than an English Bulldog; less smushed in the face, more length in the nose and legs.  At first, the spelling of the breed bothered me, but I've since gotten used to it.  After all, what is an extra "e" "g" "g" and "e" between friends?

Jess Seiders is very knowledgeable about bulldogges and her dogges are wonderful beasts.  My experience getting a puppy from her was nothing but positive.  First, she let me meet her dogs last summer, to make sure that the breed was right for me.  She then answered my many emails of questions, and when the time came, helped to pick out the right puppy for me, since I wasn't able to make an extra trip to Maine.  She sent me weekly pictures of Dorothy, and also gave me weekly email updates.  (I didn't truly appreciate how amazing this was, until I brought Dorothy home and realized how hard it is to write an email with one puppy darting about, let alone eight puppies, two cats, four adult dogs, three children, a rabbit, and fancy chickens!)

Since bringing Dorothy home with me, I have (I hate to admit) been sending Jess even more email missives asking her all sorts of puppy questions.  I even sent her an email last week all about stools and the proper consistency thereof (Dorothy had giardia!  I had questions!  I needed answers!  I'm a spaz!) and believe it or not, she did NOT answer with a one word "unsubscribe."  She answered all of my questions and gave me much-needed reassurance.

Here is a link to Jess's website:

If you want your own Dorothy, dear readers, go visit Wicked Good Bulldogges.  I cannot recommend it enough!


Mister Snacks said...

So cute. I want one!! : )

Martha said...

Oh how that picture of Grim and Nancy makes me laugh. They sit together but Not Too Close.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! Dorothy IS cute, except perhaps when she is lying on her back in the middle of the sidewalk, trying to get out of going on a walk. Then maybe not so much! :)

Grimm and Nancy look like the two single beds type in that picture.