Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dorothy & Little House On The Prairie

If Dorothy had a favorite Little House on the Prairie chapter (and why should she not?), it would be a chapter entitled "Ma[w] and the Mandibles."  In it, no doubt, Ma would be putting the pink ribbon on Mary by mistake, and the blue ribbon on Laura by mistake, when all of a sudden!  OMG!  What's that coming round the corner?!  A gaping maw filled with razor-sharp pearly whites!  Rows and rows of needle-y destruction!  Vicious mandibles!  Help!  Help!

Ahem.  And then Pa would whip out his fiddle and soothe the savage beast with a few scrapes of his bow on catgut.  And next thing we know, the gaping maw would be sporting a calico bonnet and perhaps a pair of braids.

And all would be well.  The End.

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