Friday, April 15, 2011

Dorothy's Kibble Cleanse

5-day “juice” cleanses are all the rage these days, so Dorothy—always on the cutting edge—decided to try her own kibble cleanse.

But let me rewind.  Dorothy spent last week recovering from a bout of giardia, intestinal issues which beset many a pet and human.  Whereas she seems to have recovered completely, and tested negative at the vet, she still has a propensity for, shall we say, giving a lot of gifts.  The kind of gifts that I pick up with a baggie and throw in the trashcan while gasping for breath.  You get the picture.

The girl goes four times a day, which hovers on the line between puppy normal and worrisome.  So Jess, the breeder, suggested I give Dorothy nothing but kibble for the next few days to reboot her little system.

So the above, Taste of the Wild, Sierra, is Dorothy’s food du jour and for several jours after that. Her menu now goes a little like this:

For breakfast:  poached kibble on toasted kibble with a few slices of kibble
Lunch:  2 slices of kibble with kibble and a side dish of kibble.
Dinner, dessert, snack:  kibble, kibble, kibble!

You get the picture.  Gone is the peanut butter in the kong, the buddy biscuits, the hotdog slices for training, the scrap pieces of meat.

For the next few days:  kibble, straight up.

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