Monday, December 29, 2014

Owen's Christmas Decorations

December got very busy very quickly, as Decembers are wont to do, especially when Thanksgiving falls later than usual.  I learned that a 2 year-old is a very appreciative audience for Christmas decorations.  We decorated our downstairs in installments -- first the Scandinavian Christmas trolls on the mantel and the advent calendars, then the tree went up and the lights went on, then the ornaments, then the table and the odds and ends like sparkly garlands, and Rudolph stockings and whatnot.

Each time Owen would come down in the morning and see what had been added, he would proclaim, "Wow!" over and over.

Owen helping with the tree:

Here's the troll half of the mantel:

And here is the woodland critters half of the mantel, with cute birds from Target and a cranberry tree:

Here is Owen reading with full lips in front of the Christmas cat quilt from Aunt Elsie:

And here is the tree decorated and with lights on:

The biggest hit this year was the train we set up around the tree:

The first day we put it up, Owen sat for a good hour watching it go around and listening to the whistle and the bell and the all aboards.  The cats were very curious about the train, too.  Here is Plum being brave and giving it a sniff:

And in this picture you can see that Posy has come down from upstairs to check out the train, although she doesn't dare get too close to it.  That would be foolhardy, and she is not a foolhardy cat!

Owen was also good about following our no touching the train and tree rules.  I put most of the breakable ornaments towards the top of the tree, but it turns out I didn't really need to do that.  Good boy, Owen!

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