Sunday, January 10, 2016

Owenisms in January

Owen was running around at the playground and at one point passed a father on the play structure and said:  “Hello!  I’m OwenMartinGares!  I’m here with Mommy!  Daddy stayed home because he had to poop!”  To which the man replied, “Sometimes that happens!”  But it wasn’t true!  Sean didn’t come with us because he was exercising!

Picture by Lily Hunter

We’ve been talking a lot about holidays and the order in which they come, and the other day in the car Sean asked Owen what holiday came next, and Owen replied with exuberance, “Whistlepig Wednesday!”  Um, that particular holiday hadn’t been part of our list of celebrations, although perhaps it should be?

Susan told Owen she liked his trousers and could he get her a pair just like it.  And Owen replied, “Nanny, I am not your father.”

Owen calls our dining room "the diamond room", and when he sees a carton of eggs, he calls it an egg train -- since anything that is vaguely rectangular can be put to use as a train!  Because of all his Thomas train watching, he also uses the word "cross" instead of "angry".  He'll ask us if we are cross, or will refer to a time when he was cross.

He still tells us, “I love you with all my hawt” when he is happy, and “You go to work all by yourself!” when he is angry.  Recently he’s started to ask us – after a tantrum and once he is repentant – “Can we still be friends?”  And so far we always can be.

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Elisabeth Ellington said...

These are hilarious! I especially like "cross." Temesgen picks up a lot of my particular style of speaking, and it always tickles me when I hear him say something like "I'm feeling vexed right now." I'm guessing he's the only 7th-grade boy at his school who says that one. I should start collecting these too. The other day he told me "You're not my birth mom, but you ARE my biological mom." And I just thought hmmm.