Friday, January 29, 2016

Blizzard of '16

We all enjoyed the big snowstorm here last week.  Had our electricity gone out, I’d be singing a different tune right now, but since our lights and heat, etc., stayed happily on, we could very much enjoy the blizzard raging outside our windows.

It was such a polite storm too!  It waited until we were all home from our Friday commute, started at about 8:00 pm here, and then snowed through till late Saturday night, giving us all Sunday to dig out.  That’s courtesy folks!  Of course, schools were closed on Monday and the train service was iffy and nothing was quite as plowed as it ought to be, but all in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better WINTER! EVENT! experience.

I dressed Owen in all one million parts of his snowstorm gear and took him outside in the morning, but he whined most of the short time we were out there.  The main problem was a rookie mistake I made in not putting on the mittens before the coat, so there ended up being exposed wrists that got all raw and cold.  

Then it was quite a windy blizzard, so the snow wasn’t going down but sideways and it was a bit rough on the face.  Plus by then we already had high drifts of over a foot, so when I plunked Owen down in the yard so that I could shovel out a small space under the bird feeder, Owen tried to walk but just sort of toppled over.

Miss Dorothy loved the snow and plowed all around the yard like the Maine girl she is.  We don’t have a coat for her though, so we had to let her in pretty quickly as she began to whimper a bit from the cold as well.

Later Saturday we went out again in the front yard this time, and I had been smart about Owen’s mittens, so no wrist was showing, plus he had the idea to bring out a few of his construction trucks, and set to on the porch steps making them dig and move snow.  We had to force him to come in after a bit.

Sunday he helped Sean shovel, and when I first went out with him, and Owen saw that he could do manly things with his father, he followed me about telling me I should go in. 

Here comes the foreman to give me my instructions:

And here he is, still telling me that I had things to do in the house.

So I hightailed it out of there and was reading a book on my bed with a warm Posy in my lap in about two minutes flat.

Later Owen and I made chocolate chip toffee bars, and Sean made a traditional stew.  And we lit a fire in the fireplace, happy that it was not our only source of warmth.

It was a nice blizzard with over two feet of snow!  I’m hoping our next one will be equally as well-timed.

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