Sunday, January 31, 2016

Day-Off Cake

took last Wednesday off so that I could attend my first parent-teacher conference.  I’m sure they will become a bit rote as the years pass on, but since this was my first I trotted off to it happily.

And Owen’s teacher mainly had nothing but nice things to say—which really isn’t that surprising, since he is, after all, three.  The one area where he needs work is sitting still listening to a book at the end of the morning!  As I well know, Owen either is interested in a book or is not, and if he is not, it is hard to make him pay attention.  At least he has learned since September that it is not okay to express his disinterest by lying down on the carpet and kicking his classmates.  Fair enough!  J

It turned out to be a little tricky for me to make two trips to his nursery school pushing him in the stroller, because a) people don’t really shovel their walks wide enough for even a modest stroller, and b) the intersections weren’t shoveled out at all, so one either had to turn the corner or try to get the stroller over a four-foot pile of dirty, packed snow.  America is not really a good country in which to be a walker, am I right?

Continuing our streak of cooking, which needs to end soon or at least transition to cooking something a little more healthy and less buttered, Owen and I made a Day Off cake—a yellow cake from scratch with pink icing.  Owen added the sprinkles and two pairs of eyes.  It was delicious.  He had asked if it was a birthday cake, so I said no, it was a day off cake and now he thinks that is a thing.  I wonder how old a child gets before one has to stop leading him rather poetically astray?  When he first gets laughed at for saying something weird?  Something to ponder. 

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Judith Ross said...

Next cake will be a birthday cake for you, yes? Looks like a good dry run for something even more special and chocolatey.