Tuesday, April 21, 2015


For a long time this fall, Owen’s favorite event to talk about was the time when Pa dropped his fork on the ground.  As of late, that incident has been replaced by two other calamities.  The first is from one Sunday a month ago when Sean apparently “crashed into the strawberries!”  I don’t think it was actually as violent as that sounds, but apparently strawberries ended up on the ground, and Sean was the culprit, and Owen has not let him forget it.  For weeks, when I would get into the car at the train station at the end of the day, Owen would remind me that “Daddy crashed into the strawberries!” while Sean would be muttering in the front seat that what happens in Trader Joe’s stays in Trader Joe’s, etc.

Lately, his new favorite tale of woe is the time (months ago) when I put a piece of apple on my plate and Owen popped it into his own mouth.  It seems to be a guilt he is compelled to confess daily (even though I really didn’t mind – if it had been a piece of cake, that would have been a different story.  But a piece of apple?  Knock yourself out, kid.).  He will say multiple times a day:  “I ate Mommy’s apple!  From her plate!  I did it!  I put it in my mouth!”  And then sometimes he will try out blaming someone else, like Daddy or Nanny.  But eventually will return to “I did it!” and I will tell him “that’s okay, I don’t mind!”

He was playing with a ball the other day and when I asked if I could have a turn, he said, “No.  It’s not a toy, Mommy.”  Which is apparently a phrase we say to him often!

When we get ready for swimming on Saturdays, I change from my glasses to my contact lenses for the pool.  When Owen sees my face, he’ll say, “Where are Mommy’s glasses?  Don’t worry!  I’ll find them!”  And then starts walking around calling, “Mommy’s glasses!  Mommy’s glasses!”

He always asks for a “Mommy hug”, especially when I am getting him dressed in the mornings.  One morning he said, “I need a Mommy hug!”  And when I said just a second, he replied, “But it’s important!”  Lately he’ll say “I need a Mommy hug!” followed by “I need fifty hugs!”

When he is feeling particularly loving, he will say “You’re my best friend.”  It is rather sweet.

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