Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter at the Zoo

We began Easter this year with an early morning trip to the Philadelphia Zoo.  It was sunny and in the high fifties, so a perfect day for zooing.  We got there when it opened, too, and had the primate house to ourselves in the beginning!  I learned about gibbons from a helpful zoo worker (they are in the ape family, and thus have no tails; monkeys have tails), and watched the huge male silverback gorilla eat close to his weight in lettuce, and scratch his thigh.

Here’s a giraffe, a rhino, an Andean bear (I’m sure he gets tired of being called Paddington), and some orangey flamingos.

Owen had a good time looking at the animals, although was worried at one point when a tiger walked straight at him.

We had dyed some eggs the day before:

And then on Easter afternoon we had an egg hunt in our yard.  We didn’t know if Owen would at all be interested in hunting for eggs (he had seen the “easter bunny” in the mall few times and mainly just seemed a little creeped out about the whole easter affair).  But he had fun searching for eggs in the yard, even if he wanted nothing to do with the jelly beans inside the eggs.


Judith Ross said...

Jelly beans! Are you kidding? He is your son after all. Where are the Cadbury eggs?

Patience_Crabstick said...

Adorable! Your son looks like he is taking the egg dying very seriously.