Friday, April 17, 2015

Owen and Books

As I have mentioned in previous entries, Owen isn’t yet the bookworm that I figured any child of mine would naturally be.  Right from the beginning he has liked books, but only certain books, and he usually has about ten or so that we can read to him at any given time, yet won’t accept substitutes or a new book thrown into the mix.

In the last few weeks, however, he seems to be showing a renewed interest in books, so I have been reading to him as often as he will let me.

Owen sneak listening to another kid's story:
My friend, Elisabeth, recommended the Mo Willems books, and I got a few of them for Owen for Christmas.  I had to do some wrangling at first, but now they are part of his rotation, especially the pigeon finds a hotdog book.

I do notice that he’ll bring up phrases and occurrences from the books we read to him, so they are definitely permeating his consciousness.  Sean called me once in hysterics because he had asked Owen if he wanted a taste of something Sean was eating, and Owen replied no, because “it tastes like chicken” (which is something that occurs in the pigeon and hotdog book).  And because we laughed when he said it, now it is one of Owen’s standard phrases….

I also have watched Owen sit down with his books recently and “read” them to himself, and he uses a lot of the “right” words on the corresponding pages – so at least I know that he is paying attention to the books he allows us to read.

I also find it true that if I try to read a book a few times, and only get a few pages in, eventually Owen will add that book to his rotation.  For example, he wouldn’t let me read “Where the Wild Things Are” for several months, but now it is his favorite.  He still loves the Maisy books, too.

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Elisabeth Ellington said...

You might want to try the Pete the Cat books, everything Jeff Mack, and Anna Kang's You Are Not Small too. Glad the Pigeon books are a hit! T and I have lots of phrases we share that are drawn from our favorite books. And my mom and I still say "SMFO" for "better". It's a nice way to connect and build memories.