Thursday, November 7, 2013

Owen's Automobile

Owen had some leftover birthday money to spend, so we bought him a little blue car that he can ride in and we can push.  It didn't cost very much, and part of our reasoning in getting it is that whereas he will, shall we say, object to riding in the stroller (loudly, and at length), he might be willing to coast around the neighborhood in his own spiffy vehicle.

And so far, at least, he likes it very much.  It also pushes much more smoothly than I would have thought, so that whereas we don't push it for a mile or two, we can definitely take him in it on a walk of several blocks.  And multiple times in a day on the weekends!

He likes to ride with his foot up on the dash, despite what I might tell him about how his hands should be on the wheel at 10 and 2.

He also will make sound effects while we push him, a combination of an extended errrrr and a lengthy vroom.

So far, Owen has proven himself to be a considerate and responsible driver!

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