Sunday, November 17, 2013

More Owen

I know!  This blog is becoming all Owen all the time!  But I have yet to crack the baby book I bought for Owen before his birth, so the blog is really his only chance at having his baby and toddler-hood documented.  But if you are missing the wizened visage of Dorothy, the merry sarcasm of Plum, or the everything of Posy, I promise some pet entries soon.

We got some toddler crayons for Owen for his birthday and periodically set him up at the kitchen table with the crayons and some paper.  He likes to scribble a bit, although doing so seems to rank equally with tasting the crayons, and then throwing them all one by one on to the floor.

He still loves bath time.  Sean is the primary bather for a variety of reasons, and as I am downstairs usually tidying, but okay, sometimes sitting on the couch eating bonbons, I am treated to a whole host of loud noises and sound effects, for which Owen seems to have inherited Sean's propensity.

We haven't taught Owen any sign language, mainly because I don't know any myself.  I did read somewhere one anti-signing viewpoint that if you teach kids to sign, they aren't looking at your mouth, which is what they need to do to learn language.  That did make sense to me, but I can't really argue that that is why we aren't teaching him any.  Oddly enough, Owen has made up a few of his own signs, the main one being the one pictured below, which is his way of asking for more (in this case for more oreos).

It looks like he is doing a move from the Thriller video, but its genesis is really from asking him "how big is Owen" and getting him to hold up both arms in a "so big!"  Owen soon started only lifting up one arm (lazy boy!) and then lifting up one arm and tilting his head.  I guess we reacted favorably enough so that he started doing the movement to generally charm us and get what he wanted.  In this case a second cookie (it didn't work).

And lastly, here is Owen walking with his pet gator, which I'm including because what is cuter than a toddler with a pull toy?

Not much!

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