Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Season

Owen was Robin for Halloween and Sean was Batman, and you'll have to take my word for it that they were quite the crime-fighting duo, as I promised Sean I would not post a photo for all to see.

I promised Robin no such thing, however, so here are a few fuzzy photos of the little sidekick in his dapper suit:

He was a little cranky at first, since 5-7 are the witching hours every day at our house, and Halloween was no exception.  But he did eventually leave his mother and go to a few houses on our street with Batman.  He wasn't at all scared of the other kids in costumes, or of the lit pumpkins and creepy decorations.  In fact, he seemed decidedly unfazed by the evening, and since it was strangely warm out, he spent a good hour playing with some of our pumpkin decorations, as well as taking candy out of our plastic pumpkin and putting it back in.  He was nonplussed enough that he was okay with me taking the pumpkin of candy away from him when trick or treaters came too.

He also very much enjoyed playing with our three carved pumpkins the next few days, and on Saturday spent about an hour and a half taking the lids off the pumpkins, switching them around, and then putting them back in the right place.

As a fifteen month old, Owen is always Very Busy.

Dorothy had to stay behind the glass door on Halloween night, and was very upset that she could not come out on the porch and greet all the children.  She sat by the door looking pitiful, even though many children came over to wave at her woebegone face.  I was surprised that Plum also sat right by the glass door and watched all the trick or treaters come and go.

Here is Dorothy the next day looking quite autumnal on the deck.

Dorothy thinking, why don't I get to trick or treat?

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