Thursday, July 18, 2013

What Kind of Bird Is This?

Sean got us a bird bath a month or so ago, and put it in our back yard, upon which, as I mentioned in a previous entry, I parked a yard pig next to it.  I have seen a few birds use the bath, mostly the endless parade of robins we have in our yard.  (Have I mentioned that like Dorothy, I am not fond of robins?  To me they seem cantankerous in nature and beady of eye.  Plus they are EVERYWHERE these days.  I think global warming has been good for Pennsylvania robins.).

Anyway, as I was saying, although birds have been using the bath, someone else has been using it too – as a goblet from which she can drink warm liquids while out lolling about in her yard.  Yes!  Dorothy drinks from the bird bath!  I wasn’t able to get a good picture of her doing so, but this will give you the general idea.

She stands up like it's a water fountain from days of yore and laps up all the water.  I’m not sure if it is that she is really genuinely thirsty, or if she is just determined to foster no spa for robins in her beloved sanctuary of a yard.

And related to things where they shouldn't be, please examine this innocent looking box of pampers:

Do you spy some purple fur?

Someone is just as fond of box snoozing as ever.

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Elisabeth said...

If he's sleeping in a box, at least you know he's not peeing anywhere he shouldn't be!