Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gone Swimming?

It has been swelteringly hot and humid here ever since – conveniently enough – the day they finished installing our new central air.  So while we have been cool as cucumbers indoors, we melt and sweat and generally get cranky while out and about.  And there has not been even the smallest of breaks in this assault of moist heat. 

We thus thought last Saturday that perhaps Owen might enjoy a swim in the pool we got from our neighbors.  We thought that if we filled it in the morning, then the water would be the right temperature by the time Owen was ready to swim in the late afternoon.  However, it was a little more difficult to fill up the pool than you might think, due to a certain bulldogge’s tendency to try to intercept the stream of water from hose to pool with her gaping maw of a mouth:

Dorothy loves to attack hose water.  She will jump and flip and do any acrobatics possible to drink the spray.  Crazy girl.

After his afternoon nap, I dressed Owen in his adorable whale swim trunks and tried to get a photo, but he was feeling squirmy, as well as convinced that we were up to something bad.  Here’s what I could come up with:

It was so hot out that by the time we went to put Owen in the pool, the water was really a little too warm.  At any rate, Owen, as is his wont when approaching new experiences, was Very Suspicious.  We decided to add familiarity to the pool by putting his “tub” in it first and sitting him in that.  After a few moments of that we were able to then place him directly in the pool itself.  And he gave the water a little splash or two, but I wouldn’t quite say that fun was had.  We shall try again though.

Here is Owen, Not So Sure:

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Elisabeth said...

At least fun was had by the bulldogge.