Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's Cool In Ikea

One thing I have learned from getting up at the crack of dawn with an infant is that 7:30 then seems like the middle of the morning.  And what better thing to do in the middle of the morning than go for a walk?  So on the weekends, I’ve been taking Owen on a walk in his bugaboo early, which also makes sense since the heat is perhaps a degree less oppressive then.  Of course, I also tend to take him on a walk at around 5:30 p.m. on a weekend day too, because by then he is fussy and I reach a point where I have to Get Us Both Out Of The House. 

And if end-of-the-day thunder storms should be threatening, then so much the better.  It turns out that Owen laughs hysterically when out in the rain.  He finds it very funny.

Last Saturday Sean had the good idea of getting us all out of the house, yet keeping cool, by going to Ikea.  It turns out that when there isn’t traffic, it only takes us about twenty minutes to get there, too.  So we drove to Ikea and then walked slowly through the store pathway.  Owen enjoyed looking at the other kids there from his perch on Sean’s stomach, and we also purchased him some ridiculously inexpensive wooden toys.

When we returned home, Owen played with his toys, and the cats immediately climbed into the Ikea bag.  For what could be more fun?

Posy thinking, I'm not Swedish, but I'm sweet-ish.

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