Thursday, June 20, 2013

Swinging in June

I’ve been wanting to bring Owen to a playground, because although he doesn’t walk yet, I was thinking that swings might be right up his alley.  He likes the out of doors, he likes movement, and he likes the idea of his chubby thighs sticking out of a swing.  Okay, that last part was just me.  Anyway, his Aunt Susan did some sleuthing and found out about a playground that was within driving distance, and brought him there to try it out.  He wasn’t so sure about the swings, but did enjoy watching other kids on the seesaw.

Sean and I brought him back a few days later, however, and upon giving it some thought Owen decided that swings are fun!  Here he is enjoying his second swinging experience in familiar sun fedora and new sandals!

This park had a nice woodsy trail too, which Owen wasn’t in the mood for on that particular day, due to the certain inching forwards of his two front teeth, causing crankiness and copious amounts of drool.

I’ve noticed recently that Owen gets really excited when he sees other children, be they a few months old or seven.  He’ll see a kid from half a block away and start to chortle and laugh and kick his feet.  The poor only child needs a playdate!

Anyway, for what it is worth, while Owen was swinging, someone at home was Not Swinging.  And while you are at it, back away with that camera, bitches, before snoozing is interrupted:

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