Sunday, June 23, 2013

Big Boy!

In the last few weeks, Owen has really started to become a little person -- albeit one who wobbles on the precipices of curmudgeonliness.  I can see him trying to figure things out, and getting really excited when he is able to put two and two together.

He also can respond to things we say, and we've been teaching him the standard repertoire of waving hello and goodbye, clapping his hands, and holding up both arms when we ask, "How big is Owen?" (Sooooo big!)

Sometimes he isn't in the mood to be a trained monkey, and when we demand a performance, he'll phone it in, like raising only one arm instead of two, or seemingly on purpose clapping when we ask him to wave, or vice versa.

Just the other day he really started crawling on his own accord, and not just when we dangled our iPhones in front of his head.  In true Owen fashion, he does not seem very impressed with the whole concept.  In fact, he keeps his head down parallel to the floor when he crawls, and then complains loudly the entire way, as if we were whipping him along as he made his way across (we are not:  no whips, no spurs).

I think in general he is just the kind of kid who was quite happy having things brought to him, or when he was feeling active, zipping around the sunroom in his walker, so the whole crawling thing seems to him an undue burden.

Next up:  walking!

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