Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Say What?!

In the past week or so, Owen has really turned a corner with his "speaking."  He always talked a lot, but now he has added consonants to his repertoire, saying dada, ma (on occasion), good, and his new favorite, NANANANANA!

He also will clap his hands upon command, and wave, and then is very proud of himself for doing so.  (He tried to do both while nursing the other day, which basically resulting in me getting pummeled when he clapped and slightly creeped out when he waved at me from the vicinity of my breast.  Yes Owen, I thought, I know you are there....)

In this picture below he is trying to get ahold of my iPhone.  Every time we show him a picture or a movie of him on our iPhones, he laughs.  We have to be careful though, as he seems to be quite speedily able to delete apps and send texts, not to mention repeated attempts at using the phones as very expensive teething accoutrements.

After Martha left last Sunday, we spent most of the day indoors since Owen was feeling a bit out of sorts, and his playing has really changed all of a sudden too.  He spent an uninterrupted hour playing with his stacking blocks--putting things in, taking them out, etc.  It was fun to watch.  He also gives really good and loving hugs now too.  Our Owen is quite the cuddler!

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