Sunday, September 25, 2011

Plums and Roses

I'd like to introduce you to my beautiful bouquet of roses:

Lovely, no?

But what I see as a beautiful bouquet of roses belonging to me, Sir Plum sees as a lovely salad belonging to him.  He sees the flower below and thinks:  yum!  And:  dessert!

I thus have to keep said beautiful bouquet in a place high on the top of my secretary cabinet.  For if I move it to a lower spot on the counter, this is what happens:

And then this:

Which causes me to get out Plum's arch-nemesis:

To prevent this from happening:

Then follows a series of jump-bite-squirt-jump off.  Jump-squirt!-jump-off.  Ju-squirt!-jump-off.  J-squirt!-turn in mid air and land.  Then a lot of meowing and woe is me-ing and angry squawks from the purple cat.  Meanwhile this occurs:

But Dorothy has no idea why Plum finds the roses intriguing and/or edible.  They are not meaty!  They aren't even as tasty as Dorothy's new favorite treasures -- half-smushed, stinky gingkos found under the gingko trees on the streets.  

And from a nearby nook, another household member watches the commotion:

Cue ominous organ music: