Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Plum and Posy in Bristol

I am no photographer.  I don't have the patience, the eye, or the aptitude with gadgets.  I can read a manual, but the little simple camera I have (which I got primarily because it was pink) came with a web address for a web manual (webual?), and needless to say I have not gone to that address, nor read that on-line manual.

What I do, then, is just aim the camera in the general direction of what I want to take a picture of and click and hope for the best.  And sometimes I get lucky.  I like photographing my cats in Maine, because there is so much sunlight in the house that I can take pictures in which their eyes are normal and not glinty little devilish pinholes.

So here are a few pictures of Plum looking dapper, and Posy beautiful, or at least very self-satisfied:

And a few more of them on surfaces which their grandparents would really prefer they stay off of.  This piece of furniture in particular usually has violets and other houseplants on it; they had to be removed for the duration of our visit, since Plum is a houseplant and flower and cut-flower gourmand.  Oops:

And in case you didn't realize it, having never tried it yourself, it is very hard work lounging and looking cute on an armchair:

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Elisabeth said...

Goodness but Plum is a handsome fellow. I have this dream that someday I might be the kind of person who has cut flowers in her house all the time, but since I will certainly always be the kind of person who has too many cats, the cut flower dream will probably remain a dream. Puck in particular is terrible, and Abby consumes whatever Puck leaves behind. SIGH. What I really appreciate is how Plum looks kind of cranky here, like he knows there used to be a houseplant RIGHTHERE and where could it possibly have gone to?