Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dorothy and her Massachusetts Cousins

Dorothy loves children.  When she sees a kid who is about 12 or under, she will immediately crouch down on her stomach so that she does not appear threatening.  If this doesn't work to entice the child hither, she will often roll over on her back and show the boy or girl her pretty belly.  And when they do come over, although she will sometimes spring up suddenly, she is generally very gentle with them, her tail wagging overtime all the while.

I knew, then, that she would enjoy having her three Massachusetts cousins in the house, and she did!  After greeting them all with a down-stay, she proceeded to follow them about, and was very annoyed at me when I made her come into our room for the night.  The first thing next morning she was poised outside of their bedroom door, and when it was opened a crack, she was in and giving everyone a hearty good morning with her tongue!  What a good hostess, Dorothy!

Here is Dorothy running around in the back yard with Henry, Josie, and Georgia:

And then here she is resting with her Uncle Gordy:

I am glad that Dorothy likes children so much, since my two cats detest anyone under the age of 12.  Posy spent the weekend hiding under the bed, or desperately running as fast as her stumpy legs could carry her in the direction of the bed.  And when Plum finally got tired of skulking in the bedroom, he ventured out into the living room only to scratch anyone who deigned to pet him (even me!).  Rotten beast.  The kids were being very gentle with him, too -- they were just giving him a pet when he did not want to be petted.  As Josie told me, "I was petting Plum until he scratched me."  Oh well!

The cats will like these cousins once they are no longer teacup humans.  In the meantime, Dorothy will have to be my pet ambassador, solo.

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