Thursday, July 28, 2016

Owen and His Cousins

During our stay on Block Island, Martha’s children were very nice to Owen.  I’m sure it can’t always be ideal having an almost 4 year-old cousin talk to you non-stop, but Henry, Georgia, and Josie were very gracious.

It was also nice for me to have a break from playing superheroes.  Georgia and Josie both spent several hours playing with Owen, and I appreciated it!  Here are a few pictures of the superhero activities, and Owen playing superheroes using the crevasses of Martha’s driftwood table:

Josie was also nice enough to let Owen show her how to do yoga:

Between you and me, Josie did not need the tips she received from Mr. Owen!

I also got a few giggles at one point when the kids were talking about school and Owen joined in saying he had two teachers, Mrs. Bruno and Mrs. Stutz.  I don’t often get to see him with other kids, no matter what their ages, so it is fun for me to see him interact as the person he is becoming.  And I didn’t remind him that those two teachers were not going to be his teachers next year!  That is a sensitive topic in our house.

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