Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Visit To Block Island

At long last, Owen and I were able to make the trip to visit my sister, Martha, and her family at their house on Block Island.  I had seen pictures and heard stories, but this was my first time at the house.  And our consensus is that a person could get used to this.

The view from her front porch was spectacular, the porch furniture comfy, the company good, and the cocktails delicious.  What more could a girl want?

We had great weather while there and were able to go to two different beaches.  One was the beach by their house, which you reach by going down 142 steps.  I counted the first time I went back up them while carrying Owen.  That was my workout for the day.  We had an evening picnic on the beach on Friday night, and here is a picture I took when I forgot my flip flops and had to go all the way back down to get them.  The tiny speck you see is Martha, Owen, and Josie waiting for me to begin my second ascent.

Other than the first time up, Owen did the stairs by himself the rest of the time, although I did walk in front of him on the way down in case he tripped.

Before this, Owen had only been to Maine beaches, so this was his first experience with stronger waves.  He loved playing in the shallows on his own, and I did take him in past the breakers when we went to the second beach on Saturday.  In general he doesn’t like water on his face, and I had to shield him with my back a few times, but he laughed throughout.  He also enjoyed finding a crab and some hermit crabs and a pink starfish with Henry.

Owen had a good time running around the yard:

And eating outside on the porch.  Here we were all eating at a different table closer to the view, but Owen thought the first table he reached upon exiting the kitchen was good enough for him:

We also both enjoyed having a bedroom with an ocean view.  It is quite nice to lie in bed and, if one leaves one’s glasses on for a moment, see and hear the ocean from the window.

We look forward to making yearly visits to the island! 

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