Thursday, June 16, 2016


We were all outside doing weeding in the garden in the backyard, and after a few minutes Owen lost interest and went to play.  He was standing in the very back of the yard and called out to me:
Owen:  Mom!  There are weeds back here!
Me:  Well pull them out!
Owen, after a pause:  But that’s not my job!
Me, muttering:  It can be.

Owen came into my bed in the middle of the night and snuggled close.  All of a sudden he said with terror in his voice:
Owen:  Mommy!  There’s something furry on the pillow!
Me:  That’s my HAIR, Owen.  Now go to sleep.

Posy was not making her usual VERY LOUD meows the other night:
Me:  I think Posy has a frog in her throat.
Owen, excited:  A frog?!  How did it get there?
Me:  No, it’s just an expression, not an actual frog.  It means that she is a little hoarse.
Owen:  A horse?!
Me, struggling:  Let’s just say that Posy has temporarily lost her meow.

Sean and Owen are always playing a rocket game ship in which they blast off and explore some region of outer space.  The other day this happened:
Sean:  Owen, can you go over there and get me a piece of lego?
Owen, setting off across the room:  Okay!
Owen, halfway there, and turning around suspiciously:  Wait, why?
Sean, nonchalantly:  Oh, I just need it.
Owen:  Okay, but don’t blast off without me.
Sean, a minute later:  3!...2!...1!
And Owen hurtles across the room and dives headfirst on the couch, their ship, so as not to be left behind. 
Now all Sean has to do is say, from somewhere in the house, 3!...2!...1!..., and Owen is off like a shot.

Me:  I need a shower.
Owen:  Yes, you don’t smell like a flower anymore.

All of a sudden I realize it is a little quiet and I’m not sure what Owen is doing.
Me:  Owen?!
Owen:  I’m in the bathroom.
Me:  Are you pooping?
Owen:  No, I’m just thinking on the toilet.

Owen and I were going over the alphabet and what words start with what letters.  I pointed to an “O” and reminded him that:
Me:  Owen starts with an “O”.
Owen:  Yes, and so does Target.
Me:  [wondering how to explain that the Target “O” is their bulls-eye logo.  Gave up.]

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