Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Beginning of Summer

Owen finished up his last days in his “3-Day 3’s” nursery school class at the beginning of June, and we attended a “closing ceremony” which was similar to the Christmas performance – all the kids sang songs on risers in the front of the church.  Owen did not sing.  He happily went up with his class and got into place on the risers (towards the front; he’s short), and then did not open his mouth once for the twelve or so songs.  Nor did he do any of the many hand movements.  When I congratulated him afterwards, he informed me that “I didn’t sing.”  I said no, you didn’t, but maybe you will next time.  And he certainly was not the only boy not singing, although it seemed like most of the girls did.  Why is that, I wonder?  I wouldn’t say I was the performing sort as a child, but I did love to sing, and furthermore, it wouldn’t have occurred to me that NOT singing was an option. 

But so be it!  School is out for the summer and Owen is pleased about that.  Even though he enjoyed nursery school very much, he often didn’t seem to enjoy waking up and finding out it was a school day.  And three weeks later he is still asking me if he has to go to school today and then being very pleased when I say no.  The boy is a homebody at the moment, apparently, and very much enjoys his one-on-one time with his beloved Nanny.

Owen’s class of kids got on very well, and so a lot of the parents and caregivers email the entire class if they are going to the park or some other local activity so that others can meet up there as well.  Yesterday they went to a new splash pad in the area, and from all accounts had a lot of fun.  Here is Owen at the splash pad and with his favorite friend, Sheldon:

Last weekend was the Abington Hospital June Fete, and Owen was at a prime age to enjoy it.  We got there soon after it opened on Saturday morning at 11, and spent several hours enjoying all the rides.  Owen loves the rides and once again didn’t mind going on them by himself.  Sean and I noticed, too, that he was very chatty with his various seat mates; we wondered what he could be saying:

I went on a few rides with him, including the merry-go-round, which, for the record, goes much faster than the one in our local mall.

They had no food trucks there this year, which seemed to me like a missed opportunity, since the food trucks in this area are excellent.  So we just had the choice of carnival fare (and then a tent that was making omelettes.  Omelettes?  In the 90 degree sun in the middle of the day?  Is that not odd?), and happily shared a funnel cake.

And that is what we have been doing lately:  we spend the majority of our weekend out on the front porch enjoying the breezes and lining superheroes up in a row; and then we do some gardening and some errand running.  And Plum cries at the window to come out on the front porch, while Posy scratches at the door.  Neither are allowed out, of course, unless I am holding them tightly.  But they still try mightily to expand their domain.

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Elisabeth Ellington said...

We have a screened porch, and the cats live out there in the summer. We had a thunderstorm yesterday that was really more like a tornado/hurricane--tree limbs flying off trees, hail pounding, lightning, thunder, rain falling horizontal, and two of the cats peacefully napped through it on the porch like it wasn't happening. If it's hotter than 85-90, we close the door during the day to keep the house cool and we have cats crying at the door all day. Most of them like going out in winter too, even when it's really cold. Of course, most of them are fat and three of them are long-haired, so they can handle a little cold. Sitting on the porch and lining up superheroes sounds like just my speed too!