Friday, November 20, 2015

Owen Flotsam

Owen decided I needed a lesson in manners last night.  We were playing with his Thomas trains, and when we do so, he tends to be a bit bossy about which train I get to play with and what I can make it do.  So sometimes I buck a little at the restraints of all his train rules.  This does not go over well with the three year old CEO.  After multiple times of making the train do something not proscribed by Owen, he asked me if I would apologize to him, because I “was being a little mean.”  He told me, “You say, ‘I sorry’” and then I say, “I forgive you,” and then you say, “Jank joo.”  Harrumph!

Owen has also been a big proponent this year of thinking Christmas decorations are out too early!  If you bring up this subject, he’ll immediately start ranting:  “No stockings on the chimney!  No Christmas trees!  No Santas!” and he’ll go on and on.  He’ll also say, “Goodbye, Halloween!”  And if you ask him what decorations SHOULD be out now, he’ll say, “Turkeys and corn!”  Indeed.

His language is pretty good on the whole - -he tends to impress strangers in stores with his vocabulary, although I imagine that is typical of an only child who spends most of his time around adults!  He has trouble with his “v’s” – the trains Victor and Oliver are Dictor and Oliber.

I think he will be a scary movie aficionado as he really liked to watch Halloween cartoon songs on my phone, especially the ones that scared him a bit.  He would ask for the one with the “scary girl” (a cartoon toddler dressed as a vampire), and when he was feeling particularly brave, the one with the gumbies (zombies).

Owen often goes with Susan to Barnes & Noble, since they have a well-stocked train table, with surrounding chairs for the caregivers to use.  For awhile he called it “The Bookstore”, but as of late has been called it “The Bookstoble.”

I was at the track with Owen the other day, and was trying to lure him off the bleachers and towards home by telling him that I bet Daddy was playing with his trains.  He replied, “No he isn’t.  He’s cutting fruit and putting it on a plate.  With a spatula.”  All righty then!

We were talking about Christmas, Owen and I, and I told him that soon we would start buying Christmas presents for people.  And Owen replied, “Like for the ladies at the bank?”

Owen's first selfie:

I was putting on some shoes to go to work the other day and Owen said to me, "Those shoes are a little old for you, Mom."  No they are not!  

Cute oxfords that are clearly also very youthful:

Owen went to a class at a local nature center today, and the theme was Thanksgiving.  When the teacher asked, "What do we eat at Thanksgiving?"  Owen yelled, "Cheese sandwiches!!"

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