Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fall Artwork

Owen and Susan often spend time at Susan’s house, where there are more art supplies than there are in our own home.  Susan is crafty and also an accomplished card and stationery maker, and Owen reaps the benefits.  Often Owen will make a special card or letter for one of us, and then mail it from Susan’s house to ours.

For awhile there was much talk of a robot they were working on at Susan’s, and the other day the robot was finished and came home to our house.  Isn’t he handsome?

Owen has also been working on projects at nursery school and has lately been pleased with what he brings home.  Here are a few Halloween specimens that he was particularly proud of:  a mummy, and a fence with pumpkins.

At his insistence, we started taping up the Halloween artwork on our mantel, or as he calls it, “the ceiling.”  The trouble with acquiescing to these demands, is that now he wants to tape up every list he makes – and he is very prolific with his list-making.  And the lists aren’t very, shall we say, decorative.  His favorite are grocery lists, in which he has a paper and pen, and asks us what we need, and then jots down what we need on the list.  However, he’s also a bit tyrannical, so half of what we say we need at the store, he says no to.  What mostly gets allowed to stay on the list are dog treats for Dorothy and cat treats for the kitties.  Don’t ask me why.

Look out, Martha Stewart!

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