Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pumpkin Cookies!

Last Saturday Sean had to work again and had to take our only car with him.  Owen and I were more or less stuck in the house because of Hurricane Joaquin, so I turned to food to keep us entertained.  I purchased a pumpkin cookie-cutter, and then let Owen choose a few other cookie-cutters from the eclectic collection I inherited from my Aunt Elsie:  for the record, Owen chose a dachshund, an airplane, and a hammer.

I made the dough the night before, and then Owen and I rolled the dough, cut it with the cookie cutters, and baked the cookies.  This mostly proceeded apace – although I got peevish at first when the dough was too sticky, and then Owen kept using the hammer cookie-cutter as, well, a hammer, and hammering the dough with it.  But once we made it past these hurdles, we made three cookie sheets of large cookies.

And then we made a lovely glaze and dyed it orange and iced the cookies.  Owen was in charge of the sprinkles, and he was very, very pleased to have the task of not only throwing tiny balls on to cookies, but being encouraged to do so.  He chortled with glee:

Later in the day, we got out our Halloween decorations and decorated the mantle.

Susan and Owen on Tuesday turned one of our pumpkins into a bat:

We are getting ready for the holiday!

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Martha said...

That bat pumpkin is wonderful!