Sunday, October 11, 2015

Owen, Dorothy, Plum, Posy

Owen adores all our pets, but these days his adoration can be a bit rough – more so than when he was a baby or young toddler.  He loves to call all our pets “A Good Girl!”, said in a weird crooning voice that he copies from us, and Plum, too, is A Good Girl – poor alpha-male Plum.  All of our pets are very good with him – sometimes too good in the face of his rough love, so we are making sure we keep an eye on all the pet lovin’ that occurs.

Owen loves to brush Posy with me, and Posy loves that too, although I have to work to get Owen not to brush Posy’s face.

Plum likes Owen the best, and will often walk up to him and claim him with a rubbing, brushing against a leg, turning around and brushing against the other leg.  Plum will also swipe Owen if need be, but generally only if he is very provoked.  Owen doesn’t hold a grudge:  he’ll just talk for a while about how Plum was feeling grumpy.

We are also trying to watch Owen and Dorothy’s interactions more, because he tends to touch her face.  And sometimes his touch tends to be more of a bonk.  The other day Owen and I took Dorothy for a walk, with Owen holding the end of the leash and me with a firm grasp on the middle.  This was a first for Owen, since because of her knee issues, Dorothy hadn’t been allowed to go on a walk in a long time.  We passed a lot of people going down our street, and Owen told everyone proudly, “We’re walking our dog!”  Then Dorothy pooped, and after I picked it up, we had the following exchange:

Owen:  That poop is dee-gustin!
Me:  Well, it’s not so bad.
Owen:  It’s dee-gustin!
Me:  Well, it’s okay – everybody poops.
Owen:  Everybody poops on the street!
Me: --

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