Friday, June 20, 2014

Mini Us

In general, when people see Owen they think he looks like a mix between Sean and me, which is nice, since he is our only child.  And I do see both of us in him.  I think Owen looks a lot like me as a kid, especially around the eyes, and he has my hands, yet his nose and mouth and blue eyes and mole on his back and feet are all Sean.  He has the same shape head and blue eyes as Sean’s mother, and he still will frequently make an expression that reminds me a lot of my Aunt Joyce.

I find the genetics of it all very interesting.  And not that I think it is so wonderful to look like me, but I don’t look like my sisters or my parents, so I find it pleasing to see myself in Owen.  (Apparently I might look like my grandmother’s beloved Tante Thora from Norway, but we don’t have many pictures of her to compare).

Anyway, here are a few pictures so you can decide for yourself.  Here is me at 1.5 with my older sister Meredith:

And then here is Owen at the same age making the same face in February when we were staying at the hotel.

Here is a picture of Sean, perhaps about 6 or 7, looking suave in his Sears Leisure Suit.  (Doesn’t he look like Opie?!)

And here are some pictures of Owen (albeit much younger):

Hmmmmm…..  What do you think?


Juliana Ellington said...

You have been blogging a bunch lately, and I'm enjoying all of your stories about Owen and all the pictures. He is such a handsome fellow! Even though there are no doubt many 'issues' with being parents at your and Sean's ages, it sounds like y'all are having a wonderful and unique experience because you are seeing all of this from more mature eyes. I can't help thinking I missed lots and lots just because I was young and way less mature! I am quite enjoying reading about your journey.

Judith Ross said...

I just read this after hitting 'send' on an email that talks about how much Owen reminds me of you! And I see I have missed your three latest posts. Gotta scrutinize my Bloglovin' feed a bit more carefully. And agreed, that photo of Sean does remind me of Opie.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Juliana! I do think being "mature" parents has its advantages, and since we know Owen will be our only child, we are trying to enjoy all the stages. On the flip side, at the end of the weekend after two days of chasing after Owen, I can barely hobble. I'm seriously sore! I think ten years ago I would have been a bit more spry, shall we say....

Elizabeth said...

I received your email, thanks, Judith! Now I need to try to get Sean to let me post a picture of him when he is a bit older and looks like Ronald Reagan. :)