Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Fashion Complaint

Now that it has reached the nineties here in Pennsylvania, I have been outfitting Owen in shorts and t-shirts and polos (no more onesies! sniffle).  (Actually I should say my mother has been outfitting Owen in shorts, as all of his shorts have been found by her in Reny’s or outlets nearby -- thanks, Mom!). 

The other day on my lunch break, I went to The Gap to get Owen some pajamas, and checked out the shorts while I was there.  We’ve been getting Owen knit shorts, because they seem so much more comfortable than the jeans or cargo or khaki shorts, which are stiff around the waist (they have adjustable waists, so the size isn’t the problem, and Owen actually is more slender than chubby, but all the pockets and hardware and waistbands end up making them inflexible and hard to pull on over a diaper.)

Anyway, to make a long story short, I looked at the cargo shorts, since Owen didn’t have any and since Sean wears them, and I thought they could be twinsies.  J  But whereas the knit shorts that he wears in 2T easily go down to his knees, the cargo shorts were even longer.  When I held up a pair and imagined them on Owen, I was pretty sure they would look like manpris.  Why so long, Gap?  It’s not like Owen is overly stumpy in the stems, either! 

Cargo shorts long enough for mini Kevin Federlines:

And then I caught a glimpse of the shorts for girls on the opposite wall, and they were all daisy dukes!!  Seriously!  Shorts for toddlers that would barely cover their diapers.  Why?  They looked very uncomfortable.

Daisy dukes for mini Jessica Simpsons:

My sister, Martha, has had this problem buying shorts for her 11 and 9 year-old daughters, too.  The shorts for girls are all short short SHORT cut-offs.  She’s been buying her girls longer shorts from the boy departments, but probably won’t be able to do this, style-wise (and daughter awareness-wise) for much longer.  I’m no prude, but I just don’t see the point of shorts that tiny on children (or on adults, but that’s another issue).

Can’t at least the length of the toddler shorts for boys and girls fall somewhere in the middle of where they are currently?  Don’t make me get out my sewing machine, Gap!

Owen in knit shorts, looking natty.

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