Monday, April 21, 2014

"I Just Need A Plate and a Fork and a Bunny"

Owen celebrated his second easter yesterday, and it was a rather quiet affair.  I did actually hardboil eggs this year, which was more than I managed to do the previous year, but since we hadn’t gotten around to dyeing them on Saturday, we decided on Sunday to forego the craft and skip right to the egg salad.

I had been squirreling trinkets away for Owen’s easter basket though, and he ended up with a nice assortment of rabbits driving carrots and hopping chicks and things like that.  The only candy I included was a chocolate rabbit (which, not knowing it was chocolate, he quickly threw out of the basket and kicked under the couch – don’t worry, dear reader, as those who know me can imagine, despite my sore back I crawled and rescued the rabbit, dusted it off, and placed it lovingly on the counter for future eating), and some jelly beans in plastic spiderman eggs.  Sean offered him a bean to eat, but he was having none of it; in fact, he didn’t believe they were food, let alone candy, and spent a good half hour or so taking the beans out of the egg and putting them on the chair, and then putting them back into the egg, etc. etc.

There is a method to his madness.

Owen was also invited to an egg hunt our neighbors were having for their granddaughters, but the hunt was supposed to take place at 10:30, and we went on a walk at 9:30 (we surprised two rabbits in the wild, of the non-chocolate variety!), and by the time we got back at 10, the hunt had already occurred!  Owen was handed a shopping bag filled with plastic eggs, which 5 year-old Savannah called “boy eggs” since they were all a sports ball motif.  Owen promptly sat down and took all the eggs out of the bag, and then put them in the bag, and then took them out of the bag, and then back in the bag – again, etc. etc., so it was probably just as well that he missed the hunt, since plastic eggs in a paper sack were more than enough excitement for him.

That cat's right behind me, isn't he?

Owen was so busy taking the eggs out of the bag and putting them back in, that he didn’t want to participate in the photo opportunity that our neighbors were trying to arrange, so Savannah and her sister, Guiliana, who is just two months younger than Owen, ended up sitting on either side of him, while he continued his activity, and at one point helpfully lifted his head up and said CHEESE before putting it down again.

And then we spent most of the rest of the day out in the backyard.  I hobbled around after Owen with my injured back, while Sean did real yardwork, Dorothy got in the way, and then Sean went inside and cooked us a ham.

Next year, I plan to dye eggs AND make a cake in the shape of a lamb.


Elisabeth said...

We invited Ryan's parents to sit for us and THEY dyed eggs with the kids. Turned out nice too--his parents take some pride in their egg-dying ability. I'll be posting a photo sometime next week. I totally scoffed at Ryan's determination to hide the eggs outside for a hunt--there is NO WAY I myself at the boys' ages would have put forth effort to find hard-boiled eggs. Who wants to go on an Easter egg hunt and end up with actual eggs (of the non-chocolate variety)? But it turns out I was wrong--there was much competition over who found the most eggs. Laughed very loudly at the cake in the shape of a lamb. Hope you will frost it with some sort of special apparatus that makes the frosting look woolly!

Judith Ross said...

I am sure that I told you, eons ago now, about the first time Paul dyed easter eggs with Ben. I walked into the kitchen and said, "what's that fizzing noise?" His reply: "We're having a religious experience." Yes, Easter is a pretty ho hum holiday once your kids grow up and leave home. I didn't even eat any chocolate.

But your post made me feel like I was in on the action at your place. Go Owen!

P.S. Ben turned his nose up at chocolate at first and our friend Carol, a consummate chocolate eater, made some joke like, "what's wrong with you?" and the whole thing ended in tears. Nowadays he eats the stuff but its high quality chocolate made in Brooklyn by Mast Brothers and purchased at the Brooklyn food co-op, of course.

sorry to blather on....