Tuesday, April 29, 2014

End of April Tidbits

When Owen received his easter basket, he took out everything that was in it, and then took out the grass and threw it on the ground.  Plum moseyed over to it and started to eat it, so I had to throw it out.  I had visions of the $1,000 vet bills that would ensue once Plum had to get the plastic grass surgically removed from his stomach.

Yum, plastic salad!

Owen is obsessed with the bird bath in the yard.  He will walk over to it and then ask (about ten times in a row), wawa?  For burds?  I then say yes, and sometimes will make an accompanying bird drinking noise which makes him laugh.  Then he asks again.

We live near a hospital, and Owen now knows to look up when he hears a helicopter coming.  He is also very into planes and will look up and then point to them in the sky.  And also will wave to the people in the plane. 

Sean's picture of Owen plane-spotting.

Our woodchuck has awakened from his hibernation under our shed.  Of course, this pleases Dorothy to no end, as she can now chase him back underneath the shed daily.  There used to be two gaps under the shed which the woodchuck (and occasionally a rabbit) could use as entrance or exit, but in the fall Sean blocked one with stones, so that the space would not become “the party shed” of the Abington animal kingdom.  But he has agreed to move the stones, so that the woodchuck can escape from Dorothy faster.  (Updated to add:  he moved the stone the other day and the woodchuck charged him!  In a no good deed goes unpunished kind of way!  Sean survived.)  The other day Dorothy caught up to the woodchuck and he gave her quite a slap.  She then cowered by my side for the next ten minutes.

Dorothy thinking, yard vermin are a big problem these days.

Owen likes to pretend to be asleep every now and then, especially on the beds in Ikea.  If placed on an Ikea bed, he will immediately roll over on to his stomach, stick his butt up in the hair, tuck his arms under his torso, and make a “honk shu” snoring sound.  He will occasionally do this on a rug or couch too: 

Quiet!  He's pretending to sleep!

He has started attending music class with Susan again, and likes it very much.  He is fond of Miss Katie, his teacher, and enjoys watching the antics of the other kids in class, as well as playing instruments and occasionally singing a la la la.  Here he is in the car all excited before class:

I hope we’re on time!

And then here he is after class, immediately asleep:

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