Friday, March 7, 2014

The Water Play Is Endless

One of Owen’s favorite things to do these days is to pull a chair up to the sink and play with the running water.  He likes to run his hands under it, and fill up various cups, and pour them out, and scrub plates with the sponge, etc.  He can do this for a good thirty minutes without tiring.

The negatives are three:  he tends to not understand how to keep the water in the sink; an adult has to stand behind him so he doesn’t fall or step off the chair; and he never wants to end sink time, and has a leg-kicking, arm-thrashing fit when I finally get tired of standing there and remove him from the chair.

Martha tells me that Owen's cousin Josie would have a similar fit when forced to end her water play.  It must be addictive to an 18 monther.  At any rate, here is Owen happy to be in front of the sink once again:

So happy he can't stop moving!

And here he is warming up beforehand:

And wondering if he should splash the camera:

Ha!  That would be funny!

Back to work:

And finally here he is in a later session laughing as he scrubs the counter with a sponge!

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