Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Owen Has Two Cats

This is what Plum’s life is like nowadays.  He is lying in the sunporch getting his Z’s and D’s all comfy-like:

And then this happens:

Resulting in this face:

O how hard it is to be a cat in Bulldogge Manor!

Owen actually really likes both cats.  Posy is smart and pretty much runs away from him whenever she sees him coming.  Owen has just recently started noticing Posy’s loud meow, and will laugh and then imitate it when he hears it.  He actually does a pretty good Posy.  He’ll then laugh at his own imitation:  cats are funny!

Plum is almost always in the living room or the sunporch if it is warm enough for him, and since Owen spends a lot of his time in the living room, their paths cross often.  Plum is not a fan of children.  He likes my teenage nieces—once they reached the teen years—but kids 1-12 have always elicited slaps from Plum.  And I think an awful lot of those slaps had full claws out.  But oddly, Plum seems quite tolerant of Owen.  Owen will run up to him if Plum is walking around and try to touch his whiskers, and Plum has yet to truly get angry at the boy.  He will usually protest a bit with a few girlish meows, and will slowly meander in the opposite direction, but he doesn’t slap.  I’m sure one day he will, but I have been impressed with his restraint.  Sean has even seen Plum walk up to Owen when Owen was standing in front of the television and rubbed against him a few times in affection.  I think he is getting used to having a little brother.

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Elisabeth said...

The after face is such classic cat. I am pretty sure when Daniel grows up, he will have cats. He loves the cats and will spend surprisingly long periods of time sitting perfectly still and holding Fergus or Frances or Puck and petting them. All three enjoy a child lap. Lola has yet to acknowledge that we have kids, and Abby is mostly only interested in the Legos or puzzles that occasionally accessorize a child. And Xander is never awake long enough to interact with anyone.