Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Be Gone

We had quite a “weather event” here last week, and it is not one I would like to duplicate.  After a big snowstorm on Monday, we then had a horrific ice storm on Wednesday, and our power was out for almost three days.  (And we are lucky—I know people who still do not have their power back).  We quickly learned that it is hard to have no power with a toddler.  We have a fireplace and kept that going, so that our living room was in the high fifties.  But how do you get a toddler to stay put in front of the fire so that he can stay warm?  That is the question. 

We went on many car rides, and also spent a lot of time at the mall and at Ikea.  

Owen took naps in his carseat, but of course they were not long naps, nor quality naps, so then he became cranky.  We spent time playing in the attic, which although usually a cold room, was warm compared to the rest of the house.  And there was also much weeping and gnashing of teeth (from me and Sean).

Finally Owen and I set out to spend the night in a nice Philadelphia hotel on Thursday, while poor Sean kept the fire going at home so that our animals wouldn’t turn into dogcicles and catcicles.  When he walked into the house after driving us to the hotel, it was in the thirties inside. 

He texted me the following photo at 5 a.m.  Glorious be!

Meanwhile, Owen and I quite enjoyed the hotel.  Owen thought maybe he could be the Eloise of Philadelphia.  Now all we need is a pug.

We have another storm coming on Thursday, and we all are a little PTSD about it.  If our lights so much as flicker, I will cry.

Dorothy and Plum, wondering if perhaps we forgot
to pay our electric bill?


Juliana Ellington said...

Elisabeth said that I should leave you a comment--the one that I shared with her after I saw your most recent post. I've been wanting to tell you for ages what a beautiful little boy Owen has become and how much I enjoy reading about him and your and Sean's ups and downs with parenting. I also always love reading about the pets.
Best wishes,

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Juliana! That is very nice of you. I've been finding it difficult the past few months to set aside blogging time, so it is encouraging to hear that my efforts are appreciated. Owen is a lovable handful! I hear from Elisabeth that you now have Ms. Wilhemina as a full-time boarder. I hope she is behaving herself?!

Juliana Ellington said...

Wilhemina is a handful--literally and metaphorically!! She is full of vinegar, and I like a cranky cat, so we get along great. She seems much happier with me, and it makes things much calmer in the cat family at E's.
I really enjoy your blog. I have you on 'my feedly' so that I know each time you post. I can imagine how hard it is to get to blogging when you have so many other demands on your time.
I love your latest blog--watching as Owen comes closer to you (or Sean) and the camera, and then he gives that great smile!
Take care...