Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Social Owen

I wrote this entry below about Owen exercising in the mall in December, and then didn’t get around to posting it.  Sadly, because of the long and cold and snowy winter we’ve been having, the entry is still apropos:  it’s still too cold out so we are still taking Owen to jog in the mall.  He’s a little less apt to blow kisses at strangers, and more likely now to say hiiiiii in a high voice (like I use to talk to the cats) and wave by opening and closing his hand, palm up, and positioned at waist level so no one can see it.  He’s a friendly little fellow!  If someone stops to talk to him he will hide behind my legs, but after a minute or so of that he’ll get brave and come forward to interact.

Last Sunday it was warm and so we took Owen to the non snowy bits of our area (i.e. the street) and let him run around.  He still falls a few times per outing, but I figure the more he practices, the more he will get his footing.  Sometimes I’ll grab hold of his hood while he runs, but he understandably doesn’t like that.

So anyway, perhaps a few more weeks will bring spring and weather we can enjoy outdoors?  In the meantime, here is my Owen at the Mall entry from yestermonth:

It has been really cold here lately, which means we more likely than not find ourselves trapped in the house with a toddler.  It’s too chilly for Owen to spend time in the yard, and also not the right temperature for a stroller ride, even if he were inclined to ride willingly, which he still is not.

So we have resorted to being mall walkers on the weekends.  Owen loves it and the minute we get inside the mall starts walking at a very fast clip.  He also enjoys being social at the mall and will wave and make “conversation” with anyone who will catch his eye.

The other day we were in the Vans store, and Owen happened to be wearing his Vans sneakers.  The clerk told him he liked his sneakers (I think he actually said, “Dude!  Nice Vans!”) and once Owen realized that the guy was talking to him, he started waving at him.  But then he noticed himself in the low shoe mirror and had to squat down to see himself better, upon which he decided to sing to himself in the mirror with a few heartfelt “la la la’s!”.  And then he stood up and realized music was playing in the store so had to stop and dance for a bit and shake his booty.

It was a very cute sequence, at least to his mother, and also rather indicative of where he is right now:  beginning to want to interact with people he sees and very aware of what there is to be seen around him.

He likes to visit the toy store, of course, and the fountains, but mostly he is happy to just walk and trot and be out of the house.  And anything that expends some of his energy and tires him out is a positive.

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