Sunday, September 8, 2013

Owen's Maine Vacation

We had a lovely Maine vacation this year at my parents' house in Bristol.  Sean, Owen, Dorothy and I drove up together, and then after one week Sean and Dorothy returned to Pennsylvania while Owen and I stayed on for another week.  I'm not going to lie:  the ride up wasn't easy.  It took about ten hours, which isn't bad, but Owen fussed for a lot of those hours.  But once we were there, the fine weather, good company, beautiful scenery, and delicious food more than made up for the whining traveling hours.

Owen had a good time both inside and out.  Here he is enjoying the lighthouse at Pemaquid Point:

And here is the picture I took before the one above, with Owen exiting stage right:

As is the case with coastal Maine, as we went on many errands, walks or outings there was always the ocean to be seen and boats sailing upon it.  Owen soon learned where to look when we pointed and said "boat!"  Here he is by the water in Damariscotta, looking like a salty dog:

And here he is trying out a swing at the new Bristol Community Playground:

Since Owen is not walking yet, and since he is only one, we did spend a lot of time at home moseying about.  And although walking behind a crawling boy is not always the most scintillating of activities, it was fun for me to spend time with Owen during the day.  He really is quite a happy little fellow.  Here are some of his indoor Maine activities:

He liked to take everything out of the urn by the door, piece by piece, including all the bags that are there for when dogs get walked:

He very much enjoyed both playing Granny's piano, and looking at himself in the side of it:

Here he is enjoying Granny and Grandfather's computer:

And this was one of his favorite activities -- watching the clothes spin in the washer:

It turns out that you can change the settings of a load midway through.  Who knew?!

To come:  Owen at the beach!  And don't forget Dorothy!

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