Friday, September 13, 2013

A Cloud of Lilac Fur

One of the things that has been a struggle while working full-time and taking care of a baby is trying to do daily pet care such as brushing and nail clipping and the like.  I mean to do it, but I run out of time in the evenings.  My cat, Plum, is a British Shorthair and as such has more hair per square inch than any other cat.  His hair is THICK.  I haven't been good about giving him his daily (or weekly if I'm being honest) brushings and thus he walked around like Pigpen, giving off puffs of hair if you looked at him funny.

This past weekend I finally sat down and brushed Plum's lilac fur.  And brushed and brushed and brushed.  Twenty minutes later and the fur was still filling up the brush.  Here he is halfway through the process, with about two-thirds of the fur that I actually collected during the brushing.  As Sean pointed out, if you squint at the picture, it looks like both Plum and Posy are lying there:

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