Monday, May 27, 2013

Owen and Martha

Owen is at the age where he can be a little suspicious about strangers.  But although the last time he saw his Aunt Martha he was only four months old, enough about her seemed familiar so that he wasn't wary for very long.  Besides, he seems to have a thing for blondes:

Martha came for her biannual eat-a-pa-looza visit, of which a good proportion used to be devoted to fine dining.  Since my fine dining these days generally consists of me being the restaurant, and Owen the dinee, we spent a lot of time with Owen, thus allowing an Aunt and her Nephew to have some quality time.  Sean offered to stay home with Owen on Saturday night, while Martha and I went to our favorite Philadelphia restaurant, Buddakan.  We've probably been there about 15 times now and the food is still incredible and the service exquisite.

Martha came to visit after Owen was born, and she basically gave Sean and me a quick Babies 101 tutorial for which we are forever grateful; simply put, we had no idea what we were doing, and I have a feeling that Owen somehow knows to be thankful as well.

He definitely enjoyed his Aunt Martha very much.  Martha and I sound alike when we talk, so I think at times Owen was a little confused and thought perhaps he had two mommies?  Just like that book.  And since Martha and I don't see each other that much, and since my pre-work phone time has been curtailed due to my train commute, we had a lot to say to each other, so Owen heard us in stereo in perpetua.

Martha is a good photographer, so I was also glad she was able to get some good photos of Owen while she was here.  (If you want to see more, head over to Martha's blog here).  Here is my blue-eyed boy flashing a bit of pearly whites:

And lest you think I'm forgetting someone, another member of our household was very happy and excited to see her Auntie.  Dorothy gave Martha constant lovin' while she was here, insisted on being a lap bulldogge, and would have spent the night with Martha if Martha so allowed.  In fact, I really think Martha rates a very close second to Sean in Dorothy's pack.  She even dusted off her bed zoomie skills and treated Martha to quite the display of raucous bed runnin.

Dorothy thinking, Auntie is lucky to have me as a niece!

We are all looking forward to Martha's next visit!

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