Monday, May 6, 2013

Good. Tooth. Avocado

Owen reached two milestones this past weekend.  He has a top front tooth coming in, and he said his first new word (if you don’t count uh-oh, which he also says).  His new word is Good.  Which he says with the period.  In fact, he kept me up last night from 3:30 – 4:15 as he happily lay beside me practicing it a few inches from my head.  Good.  Good.  Good.  I of course was thinking “NOT GOOD!” after the first fifteen minutes, but I didn’t want to interrupt his linguistic practice.

He is still only crawling backwards and continues to be annoyed by this, as he ends up getting farther and farther away from the object that brought him to his knees in the first place, not to mention stuck under things like the couch.  He did spend a lot of time this weekend getting on his hands and knees and then rocking back and forth, so I feel like he is on the verge of forward movement.

He has a walker which he uses in the sunporch and he has gotten quite adept at navigating hither and thither around the room like a pinball.  He hops and has figured out how to steer the walker, following Dorothy around and trying to grab at her head.  Dorothy gets a pained look on her face, and you can tell she is wondering just when Dad is going to call off his Young.

So I have a feeling that our days of being able to place him down and have him stay right where we put him are nearing an end!  That is okay, though, as he is getting to be quite entertaining.  He has started trying to rip off his bib (or, as Sean calls it, his force field) while he eats, and when he does this we say No, rather sternly.  And he stops with his hand on the bib, and one can see him processing the “No” and trying to decide if he should cry at the stern-ness, or perhaps laugh at us perhaps only pretending to be stern, and then getting solemn when he realizes we mean it.

We fed him avocado on Saturday and each mouthful we gave him he would make a face like there were squirming grubs on his tongue, yet at the same time continue to eat the avocado.  So was it the texture he didn’t like—which was a good bit different from his usual jarred purees?  Or was he just processing the new taste?  Meanwhile, Sean and I were eating avocado with extras—a fine tub of Whole Foods guacamole, so I suppose it was a bit unfair of us to serve him the plain stuff….

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