Sunday, February 10, 2013

Owen's Outfits Past Due

I loaded a lot of these pictures about two months ago, but haven't had much time to blog.  So in the majority of these photos, Owen is about four months old instead of the six months he is now.  I realized I have less outfit photos of him now because he has less patience and tolerance for the changing table.  The boy does not like having his arm put in a sleeve!  And since it is cold these days, when I dress him I am usually putting his arms in two layers of sleeves and sometimes three!  The session often ends in whining and tears, and that makes me more in a hurry to get him off the table, and less likely to linger and take a photo.  Owen doesn't like sleeves--but since I do not intend to dress him in a wifebeater, ever, sleeves it shall be.  And so we are at an impasse.

But here is Owen in a bulldogge sweater he received for Christmas from his parents.  He wears it quite often, and I'm sure it is Dorothy's favorite.

At Christmas, Owen wore the paw vest I had knitted him.  It looked relatively cute, although not quite as cute as I had pictured it when doing the knitting.  It seems a bit wonky in shape.

Here he is in a new outfit he received from his cousins, The Hunters.  The pants are a nice double weight and lined with fleece, and the bear is pleading to be fed.  If you guide his hand to it, Owen will pet the bear, which is made out of soft material.

And here is Owen in a snowsuit that was first worn by his cousin, Lily, who is now 16.  It was then worn by all his cousins, Avery, Henry, Georgia, and Josie.  So we certainly have gotten good use from this Lands End purchase!  The good thing about it, in addition to the fact that the hands and feet can be closed off or opened up, is that it is very loose and easy to put on.  It is also not uber bulky, so can be worn in the bjorn or in a carseat without turning him into a stuffed sausage.

And here is Owen in the beautiful sweater my friend, Heidi, knitted for him!  Isn't it lovely?  You'll note that some of the buttons are dinosaurs!  They please Owen muchly.

Owen received this outfit from Martha for Christmas.  We use it a lot, particularly the vest, since vests are sleeveless and quick to put on!

And here he is in a moose lounge suit, complete with hood, also from Martha.  It's a very warm and soft suit, although sometimes he will have a fight with the hood.  Here he is trying to rub his nose off his face.

These next two pictures are more recent.  In this one he is wearing a hat from his Aunt Susan.  The picture is one that Susan emailed me during the day when I was at work.  My little garden gnome!

And here he is wearing his Dorothy is a Pirate shirt.  Arrgh!

And finally, today he is wearing a new outfit from his Granny and Grandfather--overalls!  With a bulldogge on them!  He looks like the big boy he is:

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